Thursday, December 18, 2008

Breakfast Casserole!

6 pieces white bread
1/2 package of frozen shredded hash browns
1 16 oz package sausage cook and drain grease
1 can diced green chillies
2 Cups cheese

Mix Together
10 eggs
1 3/4 Cup Milk
2 T Mayo
salt & pepper

Layer in buttered 9x13 dish

Bread- Hash Browns- Sausage- Green Chillies- Cheese- Egg mixture

Set in refridgerater over night
Cook at 325 for about 60 min. or until brown

This is perfecet for Christmas morning!

note. You want the egg mixture to come to the cheese. You may need to add more eggs and milk.

You can leave out the hash brown if you want. Both ways are good!

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Chelsi said...

Thanks Lacie! I really did need you recipe! Yummy!